Published: 16. 05. 2017 - 8:51
Individual business consulting

Basic method of our work is individual approach to each person which includes understanding specifics of growing and development in private and professional life, psychodynamic structure of each individual and specifics of individual professional behavior. Defining specific behavioral spots for development and follow-up system allows for a realistic overview of personal development.

In our work we utilize knowledge related to psychodynamic development of individuals and business consulting approach. This enables the dissolvement of “critical behavioral moments” which in turn facilitate efficient professional development, especially on leadership positions.

Leaders’ positions are specific and very sensible due to high impact of individuals on business performance from decision-making process and huge emotional impact on employees.

Leader’s position is specifically difficult in one element; usually we are not aware of that to be a leader means to be alone. Leaders should prepare themselves for this.

Leader’s position is specifically difficult in one important element which we are not aware – feeling of loneliness.

Individual business consulting

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