Published: 06. 05. 2017 - 12:39
Stress and crisis situations management

Stress originated by work is a cause for 50% of sick-leaves in industry and other professions. Work pressures and lack of support from supervisors do result in some form of business under-performance, and very often lead to mental and physical health problems.

We are evaluating stress exposure level using „stress barometer“ which includes number of evaluation elements. Key elements include affect control and interpersonal relations, both essential elements of mental health which often appear before physical health damages and illness. 

In direct stress exposure and crisis situations, we are using EMDR technique in individual or group setting.  

Furthermore, we are using Jacobson's progressive muscular relaxation technique (PMR Progressive Muscular Relaxation) which is used for over 80 years and included in to health care systems of many countries worldwide. Jacobson determined that in stressful situation and/or feeling of fear, we are experiencing unconscious muscular tension. This mechanism also works in opposite direction – muscular relaxation is leading to the feeling of mental relaxation and calmness with increased blood perfusion in muscles due to tension decrease.

How does PMR method work?

The feeling of relaxation is achieved with short exchange of specific muscle group contraction and relaxation. In order to condition our brain to the experience of relaxation, it is important to notice the difference when we feel relaxed and recognize tension.

Aim of this method is to get to know our own body and recognize stress signs in order to implement relaxation technique and bring body in to relaxed state. When we learn how to bring our body in to relaxing phase, with each new practice we are getting closer to final objective – to build capacity to recognize tension and bring body into fast relaxation phase.

„It is not stress who is killing us, but our reaction to it!“

Hans Selye

Stress and crisis situations management

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