Published: 16. 05. 2017 - 9:03
EMDR (Eye movement and desensitization reprocessing)

EMDR training (EYE MOVEMENT AND DESENSITIZATION REPROCESSING) is conducted in cooperation with Italian EMDR association (

This psychotherapeutic approach is at first developed to decrease tension coorelated with painful, traumatic memories. This technique enables and speeds-up working with painful memories. In the therapeutic process these memories are getting integrated through adoption mechanisms inside internal psychic capacity.

After succesful EMDR treatment painful memories are significantly decreased or vanished, negative beliefs are restructured and psychical tension is decreased. During EMDR therapy person is in short period focused on own negative, disturbing memories while therapist focuses person on external stimulations. Therapist is using vertical or horizontal eye movement as external stimulation (fast movements of eyes in the direction left/right or up/down), although other stimulants e.g. shoulders or knee tapping could be used, as well as audio stimulations.

Efficacy of this psychotherapy techniques is based on understanding that EMDR technique is speeding-up accessibility of painful memories and data priocessing, new beliefs and knowledge is developed, emotional tension is decreased or diminished and new connections are built between painful memories and new insights

EMDR techniques are used in business environment with the aim to improve the focus and concentration, thus achieving balance between mental focus, physical condition and emotions regulation the process.

It is also used as a method for internal resource installation in order to disable out and inside distractions.

EMDR (Eye movement and desensitization reprocessing)

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