Published: 06. 05. 2017 - 12:41
Training for mentalization capacity development

Mentalization is awareness about the process happening in our mind and in a mind of people with whom we interact.

According to Holmes, mentalizing means to see ourselves from outside and the others from inside. Mentalization process starts to develop in early childhood through interactions and identification with key formative figures. Capacity for mentalization is a process which continues to develop in adulthood. Mentalization can be learned and significant improvement of mentalization is possible in adult age.

Low capacity for mentalization inevitably leads to difficulties in interpersonal interactions. Development of mentalization capacity gives higher quality of relationships in our private and professional environment. Mentalization capacity enables increased capacity to handle our own emotions and emotions of the others, and low capacity results in rigidity, inability to overview different people’s perspectives with inclination to impulsive reactions and insufficient affect control.

Specific problematic business situations within the group process, facilitation and recognition of our own reactions and reactions of other person in conflict, will lead training participants to understand background of emotional reactions which are disturbing the business process. Understanding personal emotions and emotions of other people in business environment represent a base for efficient communication and is essential for solving conflict situations and efficient people leadership.

This education is usefull for each corporate employee and definitely represents benefit for the whole company through mentalization capacity development, specifically the employees on leadership positions.

Developing insight to our own mentalization capacity and increase of this capacity which can be learned in adulthood, represents base for the effective business performance, especially in people management.

Training for mentalization capacity development

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