Dr. Vesna Bogdanović

Vesna Bogdanović, MD is a specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapist (Analytical Psychology and EMDR); She obtained a Master of Science degree (University of Belgrade) and a Doctor of Science (University of Milan - "Università Statale", Milan). He has spent many years of clinical experience at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Belgrade, Dr. D. Misovic Clinical Center, Belgrade, and since 1993. At San Raffaele Hospital in Milan where he lives and works since the same year. He has been a longtime private practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and as an EMDR supervisor in Milan, Italy.

In the last 15 years he has been working on EMDR educational seminars in Italy, Slovenia, Poland and Serbia. President of the EMDR Association of Serbia, a member of the European Association, was appointed EMDR Europe Coach.